Marcello’s studies and clinical experiences have reinforced his belief that the strong desire to change our lives is an achievable choice for everyone. He believes the best way to help people change is to facilitate the connection between the client and their inner desires.This process can empower you to realise your full potential and passion. His approach is to act as a catalyst that speeds up the personal growth of the client. This can allow you to develop your own natural capacity to find solutions to your problems and look at your life from a new perspective.

Getting back in touch with our true selves is a recurrent theme he has come across in his studies. He is fascinated by psychology’s efforts to understand the inner nature of the human being and its ability to use techniques that enable the person to rediscover who they truly are. Questioning our unconscious, becoming curious about who we are and self-reflection are the key steps we can take to become fully aware of ourselves. It is then that we can live our lives the way we choose, with authenticity, meaning and purpose.
People come to therapy with a wide range of reasons for change. Marcello guides each individual uniquely, according to their personal symptoms, rather than treating a named disorder. His particular areas of expertise include helping people deal with food and eating issues, relationship and sexual issues, stress and anxiety, depression and addictions, but all are welcome.

Appointments, Costs and Health Insurance Coverage

You can make contact for an appointment by phone or email. At your initial consultation your main issues and your motivation for attending therapy will be discussed. Marcello will then explain the psychotherapeutic approach to be taken to best address your needs.


Sessions last for 50 minutes and usually take place once a week. Skype or Viber consultations can also be arranged if attending in person is inconvenient for you.

If you have private health insurance coverage (through an employer, Vhi or Aviva healthcare), check if psychological consultation services are covered (it is advised to know how much the insurance company will reimburse and what limitations on the use of benefits may apply).

Low cost therapy is available to those on low incomes, please feel free to discuss this possibility if this applies to you.