Do you feel you want to change?

Whether we are suffering from mental distress or simply going through a period of feeling stuck, it can be hard to see how to change by ourselves.

People change when they start, for the first time, to tell themselves the story of their life. They change when they start to recognise that they no longer want to live by their long-held constraints. They change when they start using their mistakes as opportunities for growth, rather than as confirmation of their self-limiting beliefs.

People change when they are given the time and space to realise their desires. They can imagine a new life where they can live comfortably in accordance with the values they choose, rather than those imposed on them. They grow as individuals, taking responsibility for their own lives.

A psychotherapist can help people realise all this and truly flourish. I believe that’s a change worth considering!


Psychotherapist Consultation
I am meeting Marcello on a regular basis, even though I understand it is going to take time, willingness and commitment to change and improve certain psychological partners, with Marcello I feel I am on the right path. Treatments: Psychotherapist Consultation

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Feel like a more balanced person
"I think that Marcello is a very flexible and competent professional. We are mainly using the "schema therapy". You always think that you behave in a certain way because it's part of your "nature". Most of the time it's not like this, we use misleading patterns to interpret the events and to take decisions. This therapy helps you understand where these patterns come from, how to manage and overcome them. As it was the first time that I decided to go to the psychologist, I didn't know how to understand who might be the right person for me with the r ...

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Schema Therapy
Although initially skeptical about therapy in general, I found the Marcello's approach extremely helpful: in just 6 months have helped me to cope much better with the stress and find a better way to balancing the often competing demands of home, work, and not least, myself. Treatments: Stress Management

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I do recommend Marcello as a professional

Were you pleased with the treatment? Yes, I do recommend Marcello as a professional. I met Marcello for the first time 1 year ago. I was totally unaware of all the dynamics but what I knew at that time was the fact that I needed help, a professional help.

Marcello's approach has been very flexible, according also to my needs. The most important part and outcome of the treatment needs to be conceived and pushed forward by yourself, but still Marcello was totally able to help me and to understand me. But most importantly to drive me ...

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I am a better man for it
Within the first meeting he identified that I did not have anger management problems, it went much further and deeper than that. The first meeting has changed everything about me, and I am a better man for it. Now onto the 8th meeting and he has altered the way I view everything. The last time I lost my temper was 2 days before I first met with Marcello, before that it was almost every day over something. Everything with my relationships has changed for the better. The hardest question he asked was at the beginning - what do you want out of this? After tha ...

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Expressly recommended
Were you pleased with the treatment? Marcello is very professional, the tools he use are modern and effective and every time he tries to be willing and helpful.

Treatments Schema therapy

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Were you pleased with the treatment?
I have been meeting Marcello for nearly a year now and I found the way he engages with me is very effective and pleasurable. Thanks to his help, I discovered my internal thoughts patterns and the origins of them, and this awareness is helping me to gradually overcome my bad habits. Hi approach is mainly cognitive, but he also use traditional psico-analysis, coaching, PNR and schema-therapy.

Treatments Psychologist Consultation

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I feel like I have a new direction and purpose!
Marcello is a caring and attentive therapist. After 3 months of sessions my outlook on life has changed remarkably and I feel like I have a new direction and purpose! Marcello taught me to understand myself better and to know what I need to be happy. I highly recommend him as a therapist.
Treatment: Psychologist Consultation

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Very professional
Were you pleased with the treatment Marcelo is very professional and caring therapist. In only 6 sessions I became very confident about my future life and what choices to make to be happy with myself. I highly recommend Marcello.
Treatment Life Coaching

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Highly recommended
Highly recommended qualified Italian professional, with experience and a multidisciplinary approach. I've been doing coaching and psychotherapy sessions with Marcello for about 2 months and he gave me the availability to continue the therapy, even if I'm moving from Dublin. The location is in the nice area of Ballsbridge and the clinic itself made me feel comfortable and cosy, without forgetting to keep my privacy protected.
All this for a good price. Honestly couldn't ask for more.
Treatment Life Coaching and psychotherapy

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