Review from Luca

I do recommend Marcello as a professional

Were you pleased with the treatment? Yes, I do recommend Marcello as a professional.
I met Marcello for the first time 1 year ago. I was totally unaware of all the dynamics but what I knew at that time was the fact that I needed help, a professional help.

Marcello’s approach has been very flexible, according also to my needs. The most important part and outcome of the treatment needs to be conceived and pushed forward by yourself, but still Marcello was totally able to help me and to understand me. But most importantly to drive me towards a solution.
We used to meet firstly once per week, at a given price. Then, when he realized (and myself as well) I needed more help, we met for 2 times per week, for a couple of months. Marcello decreased on his own the price for each session when we started meet more times per week. The reason why I do not want to write the price is that it was also a concern of mine at the beginning (I am Italian and if you compare the price with places such as Milan/Rome, these cities are extremely expensive). So I wrote to him, introducing myself (with a fake email) and asking for the price and details of treatment. And Marcello was so gentle and kind to reply with all these pieces of information.

It’s definitely worth it!

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